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tv   CBS 5 News at 530  CBS  November 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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this is cbs 5 news at 5:30. a valley couple whose comedy act helped raise money for charity but thieves stole $10,000 worth e the show can't go on. >> they found their tires slashed and then realized the thieves didn't something worse. >> they stole their livelihood. although brad and brenda are masters of the smile. >> it's a gut punch. >> thieves took that from them along with $10,000 worth of
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trailer along with a one-of-a- kind steamer trunk. >> the center piece of the show. >> they slashed it. >> their car tires were splashed and the trailer taken. >> we're just barely keeping a roof over our heads. >> a hit like this, and especially at christmas. >> christmas is over. >> there won't be any money to spend. >> this one is on the house. >> unless everything is source of income, entertaining hundreds of thousands around the world is in trouble. >> we try to bring happiness and this is a real let down to know that there's someone out there that would take that away. >> trying to get through it. >> they await word on what insurance cover, members of the community rally. >> we can't thank them enough. >> they hope what thieves did isn't the final act.
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and entertaining others. >> with upcoming performances, the show won't go on unless everything is brought back. they're asking for the items to be returned, no questions asked. the governor prepared to lead a trade delegation to mexico but does so as a time of growing io out his new vision for nafta, he talks about imposing new tariffs so we asked the governor if trump will make it harder. >> we're going to look for opportunities and we've discussed everything under the sun in terms of how we grow each other's economy and have
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build on. >> mexico is arizona's largest trading partner. hard to believe, we're not far from tax season. something new this year that might affect you. the irs can hold your refund if you're claiming earned income tax credit or the child tax credit. they said this gives them more time to detect or prevent fraud. if they hold your cooler day today and temperatures below average and we have leftover showers falling and flagstaff and show low, currently seeing snow and tomorrow, cooler weather and
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40s and a high around 60s. it's cyber monday and expected to be amazon's biggest day of the year, inside one of the fulfillment center and 2,500 people are packing your purchases and they're getting them shipped out. last year, amazon customers ordered 54 million items on cyber monday 629 items per second and the company expects this year to be even busier. shoes and clothing and jewelry, 30% off and great deals. >> i got to find some of those deals. in case you're wondering, this place, it's huge, wow, 1.2 million square feet, that works
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>> it's enormous, one of the animal shelters has a great deal. just in time for the holidays. they're offering free adoptions for all of their pets. it's good all day today. dogs and cats and sizes are included. 100 animal organizations across the country, including ours, is taking part, today only. onlsa reach $3 billion, but cyber- security warn that people who use their smartphones to shop could be at risk because of dangerous and counterfeit apps. >> i would say from most of my purchases, i use my iphone. >> she likes shopping through her apps but didn't realize they could put her identity at risk.
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you are dealing with. >> but a company found some shopping apps weren't real. >> there were hundreds of fake apps. >> chris from branding brands. >> if you take those apps down and you get rid of that provider, you'll find them show up in a different tomorrow and new name. >> gary with snoop wall it's about them getting hold of your private information. >> they give you a complete shopping cart experience everything through the congrats and it's on it's way and then you never get them. >> he points to something even more disturbing with super popular keyboard apps. they replace the one on your phone giving you emojis. but he said many can gain
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possibly even passwords. google told us, they can apps for malicious code. and they have a separate code to verify them. and apple provides notice that the apps have access to what you type accept for passwords, they can only be typed in using the regular keyboard. >> if you want those, the experts advice, don't insta pick one you pay for, hopefully from a developers based here. and if requests pop up on your iphone where they want to access your contacts. just say no. and holiday shoppers are more careful about spending their money this year. the national retail federation
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and that's 3 million more than last year. but people spent $10 less than in 2015, averaging $290 instead of $300. you can always share your
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hundreds of uber drivers are going to join a protest for higher minimum wage. they'll join the fight for 15 movement. they make an average of 19
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account for gas and repairs and insurance. dig a giant hole for in reason. they're doing it for charity. they've raised $100,000. and they earned 70 grand. >> 60% of americans are not being aggressive enough with their retirement. they're focus on avoiding loss instead >> tax breaks offered by washington state to boeing, they're illegal p that's according to the world trade organization. it's calling on the federal government to step in to end them. one seattle-based business is putting a twist on classic holiday treats. a line of rather unique candy canes, the flavors include bacon and pickles. >> there it is.
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a box of 6.
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our state is filled with amazing monuments and landmarks and you have a chance to take a one-of-a-kind trip here and help out the tourist department to get more people to the grand canyon state. how you can bid on a trip tonight on the cbs 5 news at 10:00. tonight, tickets for the new "star wars" movie are on sale, people lined up overnight in california to be the first ones to get their hands on online demand was so high, the website crashed in response, they sent out a tweet saying due to an overwhelming amounted of traffic, a waiting room is activated. >> get your tickets, that's in a yoda impersonation. >> cub fans, a chef uses their
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big win. a gingerbread replica of wrigley field. it's all edible except for if the players. it took him and his chef 70 hours. >> what about the birds that come in and eat the foods in the 7th inning? >> [laughter]. >> you're back with sports, it's been a tough week and about. there are big sporting events coming. >> something to get excited about. it's been a tough fall. we have two big sporting events. and we have the final four in the spring so arizona state got a good look at the final four contenders. kentucky in the league there. and the sun devils, can they
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turns up the heat and that's to the steal and ed rice, with the dunk and they don't have an answer. they're down, 25 and going into half-time. discussing the cardinals. logan thomas signed with the lions as a tight end. he was drafted by the cardinals as a quarterback something going and including the performance at home has them hovering at the bottom of the western conference standing. that didn't stop them. the whole team going to be on hand, monday december 12 to put
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neighbor like this. and to be here. and build a playground, more importantly with educational features. tiger woods set to return to week after a 16 month hiatus. he'll play in his own tournament. big names are there and a practice round today. justin rose tweeted a picture. he's tiger. he's lost weighted. >> are the pants baggy? >> i can't lift weights.
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this is my park. i'm like the mayor here. i know every bench, every tree, every squirrel -- -hey, what's up, andy. -andy: hey! same with my banking. with my bank of america mobile banking app, i can see my accounts all in one place.
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plus, i can set up alerts to help detect unusual activity. so i feel secure. in other words, no surprises. morning. hey, abby. like i said. the mayor. up north, this is queen creek middle school. the students heading up to winter camp. and greeted by snowfall in prescott. and adot, all of the pictures, impressive. and a gorgeous sunset taking place. look at the colors. temperature-wise, a high of 57, 13 degrees below average and we're going to stay there.
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per hour and the culprit of the moisture that we've experience the in the last 24 hours and snowfall, still some scattered snow showers up along the rim and that chance is with us until midnight and then tomorrow, we wake up with clear skies and temperatures dropping to the 40s. and upper teens up in flagstaff and then highs staying below average. tomorrow afternoon, 5:30, we'll be warmer, and seeing temperatures 60-degree mark. 44 in phoenix and 14, cold in flagstaff and 13 on the south rim and below freezing in prescott. temperatures at 23, and up in the high country, chance of snowfall, happening late thursday into friday and temperatures dropping close to the freezing mark for highs on friday and a 30-40% chance of snow showers and for us,
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60s through friday and then over the weekend, not bad, after a chance of rainfall, we'll have mostly clear skies. colder temperatures have been moving into our desert. time to winterize your homes. >> a chill is in the air and that means a lot of us are going to be turning on our heaters for the first time this season. but there are a few crank up that thermostat. >> i woke and the house was cool and went to kick on the furnace. >> but nothing. >> having trouble with heat. >> so in north phoenix, and he called the technician. >> people are turning on heat and they're realizing something isn't working. >> he said crews are finding
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>> make sure your fillers are clean and dirty furnaces. >> when you start them, you want to make sure your flue is clear. >> dust and dirt and debris build up and prevent it from working and can create a dangerous situation. >> bat airflow if your filter is plugged. you build up too much heat and that can cause things to catch on fire. >> portable space don't put them next to a wall or bed. >> before turning on a gas fireplace, make sure to have a working carbon monoxide detector in your home and seal gaps and leaks and open your curtains to cash in on the warmth of the sun and then close them at night to insulate your home. >> back to his heating problem,
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there's a faulty thermostat and he replaced it. >> no freezing temperatures in the forecast just yet, you'll want to wrap any exposed pipes before that frigid air moves in to keep them from b bursting. looking at your top stories, 11 people hurt during a possible terror attack at ohio state. the suspect, an 18-year-old somal states legally. he rammed his car into pedestrians and stabbed them, he was killed by police. 300 volunteers police officers will cruise mall parking lots. this is his 23rd mall patrol.
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and when you click amazon, this is where the magic happens. 2,500 employees are getting your purchases shipped out. amazon customers ordered 54 million items last year on cyber monday. we'll see if you top it this year. >> connect with cbs 5 on facebook and twitter and instagram and use the hash tag, cbs 5az. >> that does it for us, "cbs evening news" is we're back at 6:30.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: attack at ohio state. >> we have man with a knife running around killing people. >> o'donnell: a student from somalia targets pedestrians as others rush to safety. >> i heard a loud noise, like a crash, and just saw people running. >> o'donnell: also >> i'm charlie rose in havana on a day of remembrance and reflection on the fiery and controversial leader of the cuban revolution. >> o'donnell: a warning on cyber monday: thieves are targeting smartphone apps. >> we found that there were hundreds of fake apps -- hundreds. >> o'donnell: and... >> i panicked. i thought she was gone. >> o'donnell: tossed 30 feet enter a drainage ditch. how did this eight-month-old


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